A certain man was known as Red Cap 42. In the heyday of passenger trains, Red Cap 42 carried people’s bags. He did this for forty years. He was so disgusted with his role in life that whenever anyone asked him his occupation, he would say he was “in the leather business.” He hated everybody because having to carry others’ baggage made him feel he was not as good as they were.

After Christ came into his life, however, Red Cap 42’s whole outlook changed. He stayed in the same business, but he was carrying bags for God now, and he began talking with God all the time about his customers. Person after person sensed this elderly man’s attitude. Many came into a personal relationship with the Savior through the witness of this red cap, a man named Ralston Young. They began to meet together with him for prayer in an empty railroad coach parked on a siding.

Before long, a group of businessmen rented an office for Ralston Young on New York’s Madison Avenue, where they could have their regular prayer meetings. They formed a board, and believing that what they were doing was a source of great power, they named their prayer project, Manhattan Project Number Two. God had used Ralston Young greatly in his position as a bag carrier. As long as Ralston Young resented other people, God could not effectively use him. But once Ralston Young was in a proper relationship with God and his neighbor, Ralston Young became an influential man.

Making friends is an essential part of Christian discipleship. Making friends allows us to be effective instruments in God’s hand.

Of course, Ralston Young could not be a friend to others until first he discovered that he had a friend who would never let him down. Ralston Young could never have become a dynamo of positive influence if he had not first given his life to Christ.
~ Story by Corrie Ten Boom