After WW2, during talks in Potsdam, where the world leaders were trying to decide what to do with a post WW2 Germany; after a long day, President Harry Truman got into his car to drive back to his quarters and an Army officer asked for a ride. As a way of thanking him, the officer says, “Mr. President, I can arrange anything you’d like while you’re here, anything in the way of wine and women.” Truman is absolutely livid!
He turns to the officer and answers, “Listen, son, I married my sweetheart,–She doesn’t run around on me and I don’t run around on her; now, I want that understood! Don’t you ever mention that kind of stuff to me again!” “By the time we were home,” remembered the Secret Service man — “he got out of the car and never even said good-bye to that guy.”
THAT is how you resist temptation! Don’t even consider it for a second.harryandbess