June 2016

After WW2, during talks in Potsdam, where the world leaders were trying to decide what to do with a post WW2 Germany; after a long day, President Harry Truman got into his car to drive back to his quarters and an Army officer asked for a ride. As a way of thanking him, the officer says, “Mr. President, I can arrange anything you’d like while you’re here, anything in the way of wine and women.” Truman is absolutely livid!
He turns to the officer and answers, “Listen, son, I married my sweetheart,–She doesn’t run around on me and I don’t run around on her; now, I want that understood! Don’t you ever mention that kind of stuff to me again!” “By the time we were home,” remembered the Secret Service man — “he got out of the car and never even said good-bye to that guy.”
THAT is how you resist temptation! Don’t even consider it for a second.harryandbess


When I was an EMT in Eastern MT, we often would get a call about a rancher who was digging a ditch—but it collapsed on him. We even had one call where the man‘s son jumped in the ditch, when he noticed that it was collapsing, in an effort to save his Dad. Sadly, they both perished.

Now, these are not ignorant people. Many have graduated from college, have worked the land for generations; and know the dangers. But, they have become over confident in their own abilities. They know the danger, but once they start digging and going deeper and deeper and they see a little sand, they look up and think, “oh, I can still get out quick. I am fast.” So, they keep digging. They do not notice when they are in too far; because they are so busy! They are sure they will be “fine”; until the whole thing collapses around them. Suddenly it all falls in on them and crushes them so that they can not breathe. Then, they think, “why didn’t I listen to that small voice that told me to get out? Why didn’t I pay attention to how deep I was digging?!”

There comes a point in all our lives when we need to stop digging. People tell us to stop–they beg us to stop–our own conscience tells us to stop—but we ignore those voices, and even though we are tired, dirty and miserable, and we see the little bit of ‘bad soil’…we keep on digging. Jesus is at the edge…hand him the shovel. Take His hand and allow him to get you out of that hole!