Reading Proverbs 5. I pick it up and think, “this is about the seductive ways of a woman; why do I need to read about that? What does that have to do with my life? I have been married to a man for almost 30 years. I am not a ‘seductress’, nor will a woman seduce me!”


The passage goes on to describe what happens to a ‘son’ who falls for the temptations of an immoral woman. It says he loses his reputation, his money–everything, and that his children will be raised by aliens. The passage says that giving in to ones lust destroys more than just an individule. It destroys a society.

I read the “Oprah” magazine one day.  It was given to me by my mother in law, so that I could read the interview with First Lady, Michelle Obama.

In this issue there was an article urging the readers to “just TRY” lesbianism and see if you like it! Then there were ‘testimonies’ from those had had done just that, and they say that they are now lesbians, because it is so ‘great’!

I often fall asleep in front of the television. The other night I awoke to see an infomercial playing on the screen. I didn’t pay any attention, I just saw two nice looking young women on a couch holding up products, and extolling their good qualities. It could have been tupperware…I did see something plastic. Anyway, I went to shut off lights and lock doors and then came back to shut off the TV. That is when I finally  noticed that those nice looking young women, dressed in their Sunday best, were selling SEX TOYS! They were vile, disgusting apparatuses–things these women should have been embarrassed and ashamed to touch–yet here they were describing the ‘benefits’ of each product and promoting the avarice they represent! This wasn’t on a porn Channel—I erased all those from our channel lists. This was on, guess what? OPRAH’s “Oxygen”  television channel! I had fallen asleep to some innocent movie, and wake up to this perversion.

Lastly, while doing some genealogical research on my ancestor, who was named, “Albert”, I wondered if he might have been named for “Prince Albert”, husband of Queen Victoria. So, I decided to look up Prince Albert to see if the date of the royal wedding coincided with the birth year of my ancestor. I thought this might give me a clue as to the origination of my family’s line….anyway, all of a sudden my eyes were accosted by internet images of penises! Seems, that for some reason the piercing of a penis is called a “Prince Albert”.

So, I guess we invite this “immoral woman” into our homes every day through TV, the internet and magazines.  America has been seduced by the lying lips of the “seductress” that Proverbs 5 was warning about.

I guess this passage does apply to  me…