There once was a very rich man. He had a son, who was a bit spoiled.

The day came for the son’s college graduation. He was anticipating getting a sports car for a gift, from his dad. So, when the father congratulated his son, he told him,

“Son, you are a man now. I have given you every opportunity that God allowed me to give you. I have shared with you all my wealth and my knowledge; and sent you to the best schools.  But, God is not finished with you yet! I want you to have this Bible, which contains the rest of your education. Spend time with the Lord everyday, and he will lead your path. The Lord Jesus Christ  is the last gift you will ever need, and the Gospel is the best present I can ever give you.” 

The son was furious! He told his father that he was “sick and tired of hearing about Jesus everytime he turned around”  He let a stream of profanity flood from his mouth; calling his father every name he could think of, for not giving him the thing he thought he needed, and ‘deserved’ the most; a sportscar. The son threw the Bible on the floor and walked out.

The Father took the gift and carefully placed it on the shelf in his study. He hoped that one day the boy would come to his senses and he would be able to share the gift with his son. The gift would be there, when the boy came back.

But, the father called his son a few weeks later, and found that he had changed his phone number. He searched for his son and finally found him. He went and knocked on the boy’s door. The boy opened the door, saw it was the Father; and slammed the door in his face.

 For many years the man tried to contact his son. But, the son always rejected him. Oh, there were a few times, when the son had gotten himself into trouble, and he called his father to ask for help.  But, after he was out of his problem, he again rejected his father. The son believed he deserved much more than his father gave him.

Years and years passed by. The son matured, and through heartache and failure, he finally came to realise that he was a fool to reject his kind Father.  He decided to visit him, and apologise in person.

When he arrived, he found his father was dying. The son went to his father’s bedside, and was able to apologise. He father happily forgave him; but asked the son if he was ready to accept and read the Bible that the father wanted to give him so many years ago.  The son gratefully accepted the gift and did read the Bible, at his father’s bedside during his illness.  And finally, he found, taped to the back,  a car key and a note signing over all his wealth to his son.

The son could have had the sportscar and great wealth, years and years before. He needlessly suffered, all because he rejected his Father.

Are you suffering because you reject your heavenly Father, and the gospel of His Kingdom?