I just have to say a few (more) words on healthcare.

I believe that one of the reasons that healthcare is such a problem, is that churches and religious groups have shirked their responsiblity to “heal the sick”. Sorry, but that is what I think.

“Healthcare” and hospitals and even nursing was started as a ministry by Christians.  Catholics ran hospitals, and so did the “Deaconesses” to show the suffering the love of Jesus Christ. But, they sold the hopitals for money. To do what? 

Seems that  now days Christian groups, churches and church members, seem to think that entertainment is much more important, than caring for the sick and infirmed. They spend their money on coffee bars and “worship leaders”, which are bands meant to entertain. Instead of building hospitals and clinics; “ministries” build club houses, recording  studios, and television sets–to showcase their talents and stroke their egos. They sell CD’s and DVD’s instead of buying  medicine. What God gave them for free, they sell for a profit. Instead of building God’s Kingdom, they build their own. They changed the name to “ministry”…but it is a Kingdom.

When a television ministy has a toll free number to sell dvd’s and cd’s; but a toll number for prayer–we see that our priorities are all wrong!  And we see who they wish to glorify. Are they selling dvd’s and cd’s to pay for healthcare, or to pay for bigger studios, larger stages– more entertainment?  Do they use the money to help those in need or to line their own pockets and feed their own comfort? What percentage goes to help the sick, dying, hungry and needy? Sometimes a few cents are thrown to those in need; but most goes back into the entertainment, or the lifestyle of the “minister”.

Did Jesus give his blood so that his Ministers could get rich off the gospel?

Didn’t Jesus tell us to go out and heal the sick, feed the hungry and clothe the naked? Please show me where he told us to write books, go on book tours, make music, produce movies and build Christian themed amusement parks!

Did Jesus tell us to “make disciples”– or to entertain?

Did Jesus charge people to hear his sermons, or heal the sick? What gives anyone else the right to do so?

Ministers don’t even visit the sick in hospitals anymore. Not one minister that we didn’t know, ever stopped by my daughter’s hospital room, to see if we needed prayer. They are too busy planning “retreats” for members; and working on their powerpoint presentation for Sunday. It use to be that ministers would take a day and visit the sick in the hospitals. But, now churches have a “ministry” that sends flowers to members who are  in the hospital. Or the Pastor will occaisionally visit his members. But, wouldn’t it do so much more good to visit and pray with those who are scared and suffering, and have no Pastor to give them comfort?  It would do so much more if Christians would volunteer and help those who are sick. Pay for their medicine!

Government isn’t the answer to healthcare,  Charity is. Christian charity.

My daughter of course, was homeless, by her own design. But, she lived in a state where they had “public healthcare”. She had to pay a premium, according to her ‘income’.  She had no money, so she had no coverage, most of the time. Medication was sometimes rejected by her state healthcare, because it was too expensive. She needed a special anti psychotic drug, which the state ‘insurance’ could not insure….they said ‘no’–take a cheaper drug–and then she had to pay for part of it. She is living in the street and has no money. My husband and I could not afford the drug either. My daughter wrote to the “big pharma” company and asked for charity. They now supply her with her medication free of charge!

Big Pharma did more for her illness than any Christian group. That is a shame.

She moved to our state, where we do not have state insurance, and has gotten excellent medical care, by doctors and dentists who give of their time for free! She no longer has to pay a premium, nor does she have a copay.  No Christian ministry helped her. Atheists and liberals are healing her sickness. That is wrong!

My husband andI along with two of our children lived in a country with government run healthcare. This care was availible to everyone, but it was not forced on them. This wasn’t a one payer system. The program was supported by a tax on all goods and services. Everything in the nation was taxed with a special tax, that went to healthcare. The people could use the national healthcare, or they could buy their own insurance for private care. I felt the care was poor. Long lines, overworked doctors and nurses and long waits for rationed surgeries. Still, at least the people had some free healthcare, while no one was forced by their government to use the system, or pay for it!  Each paid what they could afford, according to what they could afford to buy!

If the majority of people in the USA want healthcare, they need to accept a general tax to pay for it. But, nothing should be forced on a free people.

Oh, also, that country with the healthcare? Each and every one of their lawmakers had to show up for work, in their Parliment, every single day, to debate both sides of the issues. They all HAD to hear both sides of the debates…everyday. And the laws apply to the lawmakers as well as they people who pay their salaries. WE THE PEOPLE need to demand this same standard in our nation. Laws and taxes are for everyone–lawmakers must be in the house and Senate everysingle day it is open, and debate doesn’t happen on tv, it happens in the chamber, ON C-Span for everyone to see and hear—especially the lawmakers. And the lawmakers need to be accountable to the People. NO PAY RAISES UNLESS THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS APPOVE IN A FEDERAL ELECTION!

Let’s do that. It is bipartisan, and gives us back some power.

My $.02

Thanks for listening,