A few hours ago, a nurse from 500 miles away, called to tell me that my daughter is in the hospital. She has endocarditis. IV drug users often get this infection around their heart. When I saw my daughter last, she and her friend, both had staph infections. In fact they had the treatment resistant form: MRSA. Since she is an IV drug user, the infection has now travelled from all her puncture sites, to her heart.

She is very sick and may not live until morning.

I live in a rural area, the airport doesn’t have any flights at night. I have to wait until morning to leave.

So many things are going through my mind. How my husband and I waited and waiting for me to go into labor, when I was pregnant. She was two weeks late, and I was so miserable…and then when my husband hugged me, and I wrapped my arms around his neck; I was back in the hospital, 24 years ago, hanging on to his neck in the same way; breathing hard, trying to endure the waves of pain. It is the same tonight. But, this pain will not end with joy………

I can not talk to her! She is too sick, she is vomiting and having a hard time breathing. My sister and her husband are with her….she won’t be alone. I pray that the Lord will be with her…he does that you know. I once went to visit a little boy who had the end stages of cancer, when I saw him, I asked him how he was doing.. he answered in a way I will never forget, and it has brought me strength. He said, “I was really scared about dying, but, I went into my room and prayed. Jesus came in and sat with me! He told me I was going to be alright!” The boy was beaming; he was excited. So, I know the Lord doesn’t just send help, he shows up himself! I pray that he will show up tonight and comfort my daughter. That He will forgive her and deliver her and help her………and help me and her dad.

This wasn’t suppose to happen.