As already established, the Obama administration  HATES dissent…except when THEY are the dissenters!

Hillary says dissent is patriotic:

I am sick and tired of people who say that if we debate or disagree with THIS administration, that we are RACIST and a Nazi!

Debate and dissent are essential to freedom. This is why freedom of speech is the very first right in our Constitution.

Mr. Obama does not seem to agree. He is asking the public to inform on their neighbors, friends and family; supplying him with the emails and websites of those who are speaking out against his healthcare plan!  He wants to “address” those folks directly!

He wants to control all media. He hates FOX, and talk radio, because they do not follow his talking points nor subscribe to his propaganda machine. He only wants his spin on things, out in the public.

Americans WILL NOT be bullied into remaining silent! This isn’t Kenya. We have lived here for almost 400 years, speaking our minds and thinking for ourselves. We haven’t been a British colony for 233 years. We have not had slaves for 140 years!  It will not be so easy to conquer this people. A free people. We WILL remain free. We WILL speak up, regardless of what you like or what you want. You can impose all the rules you want, but freedom will not be silenced! 

FACTS are stubborn things.  Dissent IS patriotic. And there can not be a debate, if the opposition is silenced. Ignorance is deadly. Americans have their own minds, and we have all got the RIGHT and duty to speak our minds.