And so, like all good communists, she mocks and insults her opposition! They can have no dissent.
Pelosi says people who protest the healthcare plan are “Nazis”…

Well, maybe, if she did see the Nazi symbol, she was seeing her own people with the Obama’s health care logo:





But, take a look at the real protesters in Denver, at the clinic Pelosi visited.  Look hard. Do you see any Nazi symbols? I sure don’t. I just see a real grassroots effort by taxpaying Americans to protest something they feel strongly is going to hurt their country:






Now, look at the healthcare supporters.


obamacare support

Printed signs? How could a grass roots, citizen group, with no financial backing, afford to pay for all those signs? They couldn’t. Obviously, someone is paying for and organising this group who support Obama care. But, the Obama propaganda team is hard at work trying to convince you that you do not feel the way you feel! That only Crazy people disagree with Obama! DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN IN AMERICA!!

obamacare organiser1

Here we see an Obama government operative is teaching a man to use a bullhorn; so that the man may try to intimidate,  bully and hopefully silence the voices of those who disagree with Obama’s  healthcare plan. Americans are not stupid. This is the true “Astroturf”, Nancy…the true fake protesters. Actually more dangerous, as they are paid presidential employees who have been sent out to silence the American people. To try and stop free speech! I believe that is illegal.

obamacare organiser3