In 2008, Americans spent $2.4 TRILLION on healthcare. This represents 17% of our gross domestic product (GDP). This number is projected to rise to $4.3 TRILLON by 2016.  It is one of very  few American industries left, that continues to create jobs and contribute to our economy. All those workers and healthcare companies actually pay taxes into a federal budget that is right now standing at a $1.7 TRILLION deficit..

Why would we want to take an industry that makes money, employs people, and PAYS taxes…and put that large industry on the government payroll? Take an industry that is an ASSET and turn it into a LIABILITY?!!  A $4.3 TRILLION liability?! That is stupid! An industry that at this time brings in billions of tax revenues will now add an additional $4 trillion to our national debt.

Congress is already spending $3.2 BILLION more than they have, every single day. They borrow money from COMMUNIST CHINA to pay our national bills. Did you know that? We are indebted to China. Obama and the democrats would love to increase that debt. Ironically, the first black president is enslaving the American people! ALL the American people, no matter what color or creed. Since he took office, he and the democrats have increased OUR national debt 4 fold! 

This makes no sense. It must be stopped. Get rid of your stupid representatives who are doing this silly thing.
Freedom and liberty are at stake. 

 If this unknown and unread, democrat universal healthcare plan becomes the law, what you do in the privacy of your own home, suddenly becomes the invested interest of everyone in the community! Overeating and eating unhealthy foods, smoking, drinking, your sexual habits, your job, if you are a professional boxer or football and hockey player; even your hobbies, like skateboarding, mountain climbing, horseback riding, kayaking, white water rafting or skiing… any dangerous activity that may cost your neighbors money…these things become the business of your neighbors. They will have a right to decide if you should be able to participate in these activities…you will have to be monitored….and the number of people who do these things will have to be rationed. Only congressmen will get to participate!

Let’s keep the government out of our lives! Freedom and Liberty are much more important than anything else.

 It is time for a real change in Washington DC. Next year, we have a chance to change this course. It is the midterm elections. We need to remove all our congressmen! Kick them to the curb!  Vote in INDEPENDENT candidates. Candidates who truly represent YOU, and not a political party.