As many of us lose our jobs and cut back so that we can keep our homes and cars; there is one–yes ‘ THAT ONE’–who doesn’t seem concerned about cinching up his belt!  He calls on the rest of us to make ‘sacrifices’. Those of us who already must choose to eat spaghetti or pancakes day after day, instead of going out to dinner. Those of us who feed our children oatmeal because we can not afford expensive cereal. Those of us who are shopping for clothes at the Salvation Army, and renting videos because we can not even afford to go to a movie–and will never be able to afford a Broadway show! We are already wearing coats in our homes during winter, and spending time at the mall to get out of the heat in the summer!  This is who he asks; those of us who do not even dare to dream that we may EVER even get to travel and see Washington DC, and certainly know that we will NEVER get a vacation in Martha’s Vineyard……he askes us to “sacrifice”!  He tells us to endure hard times….Yet, he does not seem to mind spending thousands and thousands of  our tax dollars, the  money he squeezes out of these same Americans—on extravagances, just for him and his family!

No sacrifices for Barack Obama and his family! No…First, in June , he and Michelle enjoyed a $24,000 date night to New York City; now it is a vacation to Martha’s Vineyard at a cost of $35,000 to $50,000 per week.  Many people lost jobs that pay $35,000-$50,000 per YEAR!


Tax payers already pay big money to provide the President with a wonderful place to live; extravagant food, entertainment and luxury in one of the most exciting cities in the United States. We also pay for a marvelous private vacation spot for the first family at “Camp David”.  Most of us, who pay Obama’s bills, would be thrilled to spend one day at the White House or at Camp David. But, it doesn’t seem to be good enough for the current President.

This nation was formed by men and women who were tired of working for the aristocracy. They were tired of seeing their profits given to the lords and ladies of old England. 

This nation was formed by people who had faith in hard honest work; wanting only to be governed by the laws of God and seeking only to realize the fruit of their labors.

Democrats and other communists desire to be the new aristocracy in this nation. They have faith in an ideology that the citizens must be governed  by the ‘elite’  ivy league educated, leftists. They wish to control every faucet of the lives of their “serfs” – the hard working American citizens- and to steal the fruit of their labors, which are placed under the control of  “the party”  for their pleasure and the whims of their current charitable ideology.



President Barack Obama certainly is the face of American Aristocracy. 

“Change” is not what we got with Obama. We merely went backwards, to a system of government that we cast off 233 years ago.