Pastor Ed Young Sr. lives in Tennessee, where occasionally a devastating tornado or two, pays them a visit. Pastor Young  told his audience that he always keeps a flashlight beside his bed, in case perhaps his electricity goes off and he needs to maneuver around in the dark. He thought he was ready. He thought he had prepared. But, when the time came, his flashlight failed to light the way! Luckily ,his wife had fresh batteries in her flashlight, and it worked….but Mr. Young had bought a different flashlight, one that relied on solar power—and that flashlight hadn’t been in the light source for a very long time, it had been in a drawer, so it didn’t work!

We, just like that flashlight, need to be in our ‘light source’ daily. We must soak up, and recharge ourselves by spending time with the Lord, or we too, will THINK we are ready—but when the emergency happens, we will be as useless as an uncharged flashlight, in a dark world.