I have prayed to the Lord over and over to “cure” my weight problems. I beg him to return my behind to it’s former, firm, cellulite free glory.  I have asked him to renew my arms, so that they do not keep waving, after I have finished saying ‘hello’ to a friend. I proclaim victory over my soft round belly. And I believe that He will most assuredly melt all my fat away, firm up my abs and tomorrow I will wake up slim, firm and fit.

What? You don’t believe that? Why not?! 

I have enough faith for that to happen! How dare you question my faith! Why, just this morning, I was worshiping the Lord, talking to Him and praising His holiness. I even read my Bible while I ate my blackberry pie with whip cream. And while wiping the page, where the whip cream spilled, I read the words, “ask and ye shall recieve”. How dare you judge me! I’m glad my faith is in God, not in YOU! Why, the Bible says that I am free to eat whatever I want, and God will make me a new person—maybe not in my time; but really, in HIS, he will do what I ask.

Sounds pretty silly doesn’t it?

The fact is, God has already given me the power to lose weight. I just have to exercise it—pun intended!  God expects me to use the gifts he has given me, to exercise and eat the right foods. God isn’t going to just fix this problem. I have to do my part, right?

Well, if you can see that it is silly to expect God to ‘cure’ weight issues; can you also see that it is silly to expect  God to instantly cure your issues?

If you have been praying, and it seems that God isn’t listening, because you still desire to drink, take drugs, watch pornography, committ theft, commit sexual sin, you still hate others, you still gossip, you still do not love others; Can you see that perhaps there is some exercising that you need to do? That you have the power to fix those things; God already gave it to you!

The Bible says, “resist the Devil and he will flee from you”.  Jesus also commanded that if something is causing you to sin; you are powerless over that thing—“Cut it Off”! Cut off the tv, the internet, cut off the junk food, cut off the drugs, cut off your friends who drink and drug, cut off your contact with drug dealers, cut off your subscriptions to ungodly movies and magazines, cut off your sinful relationships, cut off your bitter thoughts, cut off your selfish thoughts.  And Think about beautiful things. Be thankful to God for the things in your life. Reach out to others; think about how you would want to be treated. Honor your parents and help those in need—even if they don’t ‘deserve” it. Do you deserve the Grace God gives you?