Before we all freeze to death! –OOPS! Sadly, that is exactly what has happened in Miami:

Southern Cal summer, coldest in decades

Miami’s first cold weather death–1-15-10

 Okay, here is the latest on Global warming:

Dozens die in Europe as temperatures drop


 Truly, “global warming” which is leading to the jobs busting, “cap and trade” legislation; is a farce. A modern tale of “Chicken Little” telling us that “The sky is falling”!  Be ye informed, do not merely be a sheep who believes the propaganda thrown at you. Check it out yourself. Study the facts.

….check out these websites, I update often with new stuff:


Snow during Australian Summer


2006 saw snow in Aussie Summer too…no changing temps



3,000 Low Temp Records Set This July!


Coldest July 21 in Nashville’s recorded history


May, the coldest in NZ history!


First North Dakota June Snowfall in 60 years!


Wisconson has coldest June 6 ever


Actually people, we may be in trouble due to global COOLING! And it isn’t man made–and there is nothing MAN can do to help it or fix the problem.
The sun has had very little sun spot activity in the last year.  In fact, the last time the sun had such little activity, was in 1913. 
So called  “Global Warming” can be attributed to an increase in solar activity during the 20th century. This is NOT man made. But now, the solar cycle is on a down turn, thus mounting colder weather around the world.
Colder weather, means earlier frosts and a shorter growing season. This could cause food shortages.
Combine that, with the shifting of the magnetic poles; and we have a real catastrophe for the human race! Ice core studies have proven that the EASTERN half of Antarctica has actually been growing in density and area, for the last 30 years. While the WESTERN half of Antarctica has been melting. This is but one proof that seems to confirm the theory of shifting magnetic poles.
Pollution, bulging landfills, and denuding forests isn’t good for humanity and wildlife, for it causes cancer and other diseases. We should continue our efforts to clean up our planet, for our own good.  But, “global warming” is a tactic being used by certain upper classes as a means to control the lower masses. While they, people like Al Gore,  live exactly the way they please, consuming mass quantities of energy; flying around the world at the drop of a hat, living in large houses, driving SUV’s and limos; they seek to prohibit anyone else from enjoying such benefits. This modern day aristocracy seeks to elevate themselves and enslave the rest of the populace to finance their lifestyle; by crying out “GLOBAL WARMING, GLOBAL WARMING…STOP! TAX! REGULATE! PROHIBIT!…yet, people like our President and his wife, jet off to New York for dinner; and those who finance their meal, never leave the trailer; because federal regulations closed the factory where they worked.
Ronald Reagan always use to say that the scariest words you will ever hear are:
I am from the government and I am here to help….”