To the British people, on behalf of the American people for the truly inexcusable treatment our President has extended to your leaders. We are horrified and appalled. I am sorry that our elected leader was so  utterly disrespectful to you, our longtime friends and allies. 

When our two elected leaders met, Mr. Brown presented our President with extremely thoughtful gifts. He went to a great deal of trouble to arrange for and aquire these gifts. Brown presented Obama with a pen holder made of oak from the HMS “Gannet”, a Royal Navy ship which, in the late 1880’s fought the muslim slave trade in the Mediterranean, and that helped to break the hold of the Sudanese slave dealer, Osman Digna. 

In addition the Prime Minister also gifted Mr. Obama with the framed commissioning paper for the HMS “Resolute”, another Royal Navy ship.  This ship, in 1854, had been stuck in the ice of the arctic. Americans at the time, rescued and repaired the ship and then returned it to England, as a goodwill gesture to our good friends. Later, Queen Victoria had the wood from the decommissioned ship made into a desk, which she presented to President Rutherford B. Hayes. This desk is forever seared in the memories of Americans, as the desk used by JFK, and used by his children as a hiding place. This was a very special gift with great meaning to both our countries.

Rounding out the collection of treasures thoughtfully given to our elected leader from our British friends, was the 1st edition of Martin Gilbert’s seven volume biography of Winston Churchill; and some British designer clothes for the Obama daughters.

All well thought out, kind and gracious gifts from one nation’s leader to another.

Obama went down to Wal-mart and bought Brown 25 American movie classics DVDs. Too bad Obama had no idea that American DVDs do not play in European DVD players. But, he did run down to the White House gift store and buy the brown Children some “Marine one” toy helicopters, which I am positive that the toddlers loved.

And then Mr. Obama had the extreme audacity of rudeness, to cancel the traditonal Rose Garden press conference; further insulting OUR guests.

To add insult to insult by this American Executive, Mr. Obama went on to insult the American people, by bowing  to the King of Saudi Arabia; 


but grabbing the hand and slapping the back of the Queen of Great Britain! Then continuing his new tradition of giving meaningless extremely thoughtless gifts. He gave the 80 year old Queen…the richest woman in the world, who could buy anything that she wanted: an ipod.




I thought he graduated from the best college in our nation? I thought he was a professor? I guess that speaks to the standards of education in our universities, that this man would have no idea of international relations, or even international electrical standards, for heaven’s sake!

Again, please, Great Britain, accept our apologies. In our zeal to elect our first Black President, I am afraid many of us didn’t examine the man too closely.

According the the Canadian Free Press, Obama may have a personal reason to dislike the British; which has nothing to do with his American heritage, and everything to do with his Kenyan heritage.

To quote the paper;

Obama’s paternal grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama worked as a cook for a British army officer when he became involved with the Kenyan independence movement.  Grandpa Obama was arrested in 1949 as a sympathizer for the Kikuyu Central Association, the organization that ultimately spawned the Mau Mau.

Was Mr. Obama just foolish, or did he make a concerted effort to insult Great Britain for personal reasons?

Either way, Obama did not represent the American people well, and for that we are sorry.