Several years ago, my 70 something mother and I, a 30 something, went for a walk. I was pregnant at the time.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was out, and the air was crisp, for it was early spring. The long winter was gone, and we just had to get out and see the first signs of spring.

As we rounded a corner, all of a sudden, a huge snarling dog jumped out at us! He gave no warning, just all of sudden, there he was–gleaming white incisors on display, with copius amounts of foaming drool accenting his chin. He was so close, I could smell his putrid breath; and he was groweling at us as if we were about to try to horn in on his recent kill!

In that instant, several things happened that were very revealing of human nature, my nature, and animal nature.  I learned a lot.

I was a strong self sufficient woman. A mother myself, I had lived away from home for over 10 years. During that time I had given birth ‘naturally’, to two children. Each had held on to a rib, to extend the birth experience for over 30 hours. So, I wasn’t afraid of pain….I ran a business and held public office.  So, I wasn’t afraid of a challenge. And as an EMT, I was very familiar with emergency situations. I knew how to remain calm in horrific circumstances–to keep my wits about me, and think of the best possible response to any given situation.

And so, with all my experience,  I reacted as swiftly as my pregnant body could. In seconds, I grabbed my mother and threw her in front of me!

The funny thing is, that my little Momma didn’t find that odd at all. She just spread her arms as far around me as she could, in an effort to save me from a horrible fate. She didn’t even think about it. She was ready to take on any wild animal, who threatened her family, no matter how old she was, or what happened to her!  She stamped her foot, and told that dog to “git!” And he did! He put his tail between his legs, turned around, and ran off as fast as he could go!