My last post told about the reality of a person who actually keeps his beliefs and values, even in the face of adversity. He doesn’t just SAY  what he believes, he LIVES what he believes. The reality is, that he really would do ANYTHING  to save the children he cares so much about. Even give up his own personal happiness and freedom. Pastor Hoye, is a living breathing true reality hero.
On the other hand, we have Mr. Jon Gosselin. A man who SAYS that he would do anything for his kids.
A man who SAYS that he is a Christian whose life had changed so much, he didn’t like to see the tatoos he has on his body, because they remind him of a life of which he was ashamed.
A man who pretends to love his wife so much, that he married her twice.
Vowing to:
“stand by your side, as we face new and challenging experiences. I will always love you, cherish you, provide for you, and comfort you….. committ myself to you for the rest of our lives.” And again: “I will always be your partner for life, I vow to love you, edify you, and encourage you to grow in Christ. By your side, I promise to be a good listener, I promise to ask, ‘how may I help you honey’, in times of stress, I promise to try and explain my my feelings and emotions to you, and I promise to support you in all our decisions, and lastly I PROMISE TO MAKE GOD THE FOUNDATION OF OUR MARRIAGE AND OUR FAMILY. “


But who, in reality, has spent the last few months driving around in a new two seater sports car, sans kids and wife; and according to his 23 year old ‘friend’ Deanna Hummel, hanging out in bars late at night, drinking and partying, in the homes of this girl, and her young friends. 
This is a man, who is not a real hero. Not to his wife. Not to his kids, and not to his God.
Jon, going out in the middle of the night, getting drunk, and scoring with some young woman doesn’t make you a real man. It makes you a real creep.
A real man, whose life is based on Christ, who wants his children to be godly; would cancel the show, get the cameras and “helpers” out of the house, and not allow his children to be used for financial gain ever again. Get a court order if you have to.
Stop drinking. Stop clubbing.
Get a job. Work hard.
Get on your knees and pray for forgiveness, deliverance and guidence.
Go to your family and friends and ask their forgiveness…even without your wife, just do the right thing. LEAD your family. It is what a real MAN would do. Tell them you were wrong, and that you want them in your life again. A man would be surrounded by family. Take the kids to visit their grandparents, and all the people they knew and loved, but who have been cut out of their lives.
A real man does what is right for his family. He protects his family. He is strong for his family.
Go to counseling with the wife–or without her. You have been through a lot, and need some help to deal.
This is where that committment thing comes into play. You promised God, your friends, your family, yourself and your wife, that you would work out your problems. Listen, you promised to LOVE your wife until you died! Why do you think it is in the vows, if it just happens? It doesn’t. You have to MAKE yourself do it! A real man does.
A real man puts the needs of his family before his own desires. Be a real man. You have no idea how good it will make you feel. Step up. You are a strong guy. You can do anything, and you can change your life for the better, or really, really ruin it and 8 little lives, who never asked to be brought into this world. YOU brought them into this world and made money off them. You owe those kids! It isn’t fair to torture them and hurt them, with your selfish behavior.
You are not living a purpose driven life. Call some godly men and get some support.
Do it for the kids.
The kids don’t deserve the parents you and Kate have become. Fix it. You have that power.