I just wrote this story as a reply on another blog, but it is such a good story, I should share it.

It is about a Dad who learned a valuable lesson…

My husband was in the military when we were first married. Shortly after I gave birth to my second of 4 children, our oldest, 18 months at the time, had pneumonia. DH took them to the hospital emergency room and waited….it takes hours, while I stayed at home with the baby.

Anyway, while they were waiting, in comes a father with his son, about 5. The dad is berating the poor child, loud enough for everyone to hear, because the little boy had stuck a bean up his nose, and couldn’t get it out! The Dad went on and on yelling at the boy, saying that he couldn’t believe that the kid ‘could get a bean stuck up his nose’! That he could get it out, if he wanted to, just blow! The kid was crying, and the dad just kept loudly humiliating him.

When my husband finally got into the exam room, the nurse was incredulous! She was so angry with that father for treating the poor little kid like that.

My kid had to have x-rays and tests, and so my husband was there for several hours. Long enough to get the privilege to see this same ridiculing father come back with a bean stuck up his own nose! He said he wanted to see how it was possible to get a bean stuck up your nose!