To read more about “Baby David”, visit the site below. Be sure to click on the photos. Especially if you are “prochoice”. Face up to what you support. See the truth! Know what you march for, and vote for. Own it. See what it is you and your President support. Obama releases photos from war interrogations, why not release and look at the actual legal dismemberment and torture of innocent babies? Sucking arms and legs off…torture! Proof at the link.

Eisenhower forced German villagers to come and see what their government supported, and what they supported with their silence. Every American should have to face the kind of holocaust we support! The photos are no different than the pictures of Nazi death camp photos–look at them, and see if I lie. Yet Americans, Obama and the Democrats are the masterminds behind this bloodshed. They support this crime against humanity; not for ideology, but for MONEY! Abortion money gets them elected.

(the following idea is an American paraphrase from story by -Santhosh K Ramachandran, a blogger I stumbled upon; an Indian man studying in the USA; who Translated the story from a Malayalam article: His post is HERE)

With a pale face, a woman entered her doctor’s office. Something was going through her mind, her eyes were cloudy and it was evident that she was in deep gloom.

“Sit down”, the kindly doctor invited.

She had been to this doctor many times. He always took the time to listen carefully to her problems.

“Doctor, I am very depressed.”

“What Happened? ”, The doctor inquired.

Well, doctor, I am pregnant… again!

“Oh! Well, that is good news!”, The kind doctor smiled and remarked, giving the young wife a pat on her hand.

The woman burst into tears!

“Doctor, I don’t think I can handle another child right now! I am already so tired. My husband and I have a strained relationship at best, my house and my looks are a mess. You know that my baby is not yet even 1 year old! I just can’t have another baby. Not right now.”

“I am here to discuss having an abortion.”
She was pretty hasty when she said those words.

“But, you would like to have another baby in the future?” The doctor slowly asked.

“Oh yes…someday” ,she added.

The wise old doctor was silent for some time, as the young woman waited eagerly for his reply.

Finally, breaking the silence, the doctor took her hands in his, looked her in the eyes and said, “ I understand your weariness. I know you are at the end of your rope. I can see how you would not want to add to your workload. And so, with your support we can do one thing…. Since, abortion can create complications to the mother, there have been links to breast cancer and some women have had trouble getting pregnant with subsequent children; we should probably go through with this pregnancy, and instead, kill the older baby.”

The young woman’s face became anemic white and she started quivering with anger!

She sprang out from where she was sitting and started shouting at the doctor, “ ARE YOU MAD?! How in the world could you talk about killing my baby?!”

Doctor gave a wry smile and said softly, “Please understand dear, that is exactly what you came in here and asked me to do. I merely suggested that you kill a different one.”