April 2009

I just wrote this story as a reply on another blog, but it is such a good story, I should share it.

It is about a Dad who learned a valuable lesson…

My husband was in the military when we were first married. Shortly after I gave birth to my second of 4 children, our oldest, 18 months at the time, had pneumonia. DH took them to the hospital emergency room and waited….it takes hours, while I stayed at home with the baby.

Anyway, while they were waiting, in comes a father with his son, about 5. The dad is berating the poor child, loud enough for everyone to hear, because the little boy had stuck a bean up his nose, and couldn’t get it out! The Dad went on and on yelling at the boy, saying that he couldn’t believe that the kid ‘could get a bean stuck up his nose’! That he could get it out, if he wanted to, just blow! The kid was crying, and the dad just kept loudly humiliating him.

When my husband finally got into the exam room, the nurse was incredulous! She was so angry with that father for treating the poor little kid like that.

My kid had to have x-rays and tests, and so my husband was there for several hours. Long enough to get the privilege to see this same ridiculing father come back with a bean stuck up his own nose! He said he wanted to see how it was possible to get a bean stuck up your nose!



I am my neighbor’s Bible


I am my neighbor’s bible
He reads me when we meet
Today he read me in my home
Tomorrow in the street

He may be a relative or a friend
Or slight acquaintance be
He may not even know my name
Yet, he is reading me

So, I’ll watch my steps where ere they go
And my eyes what they may see
And all the words forth from my lips
Because someone is reading me

I’ll try my best to do God’s will
And be what He wants me to be
An all seeing eye is looking down
And I know He’s reading me

To read more about “Baby David”, visit the site below. Be sure to click on the photos. Especially if you are “prochoice”. Face up to what you support. See the truth! Know what you march for, and vote for. Own it. See what it is you and your President support. Obama releases photos from war interrogations, why not release and look at the actual legal dismemberment and torture of innocent babies? Sucking arms and legs off…torture! Proof at the link.

Eisenhower forced German villagers to come and see what their government supported, and what they supported with their silence. Every American should have to face the kind of holocaust we support! The photos are no different than the pictures of Nazi death camp photos–look at them, and see if I lie. Yet Americans, Obama and the Democrats are the masterminds behind this bloodshed. They support this crime against humanity; not for ideology, but for MONEY! Abortion money gets them elected.


(the following idea is an American paraphrase from story by -Santhosh K Ramachandran, a blogger I stumbled upon; an Indian man studying in the USA; who Translated the story from a Malayalam article: His post is HERE)

With a pale face, a woman entered her doctor’s office. Something was going through her mind, her eyes were cloudy and it was evident that she was in deep gloom.

“Sit down”, the kindly doctor invited.

She had been to this doctor many times. He always took the time to listen carefully to her problems.

“Doctor, I am very depressed.”

“What Happened? ”, The doctor inquired.

Well, doctor, I am pregnant… again!

“Oh! Well, that is good news!”, The kind doctor smiled and remarked, giving the young wife a pat on her hand.

The woman burst into tears!

“Doctor, I don’t think I can handle another child right now! I am already so tired. My husband and I have a strained relationship at best, my house and my looks are a mess. You know that my baby is not yet even 1 year old! I just can’t have another baby. Not right now.”

“I am here to discuss having an abortion.”
She was pretty hasty when she said those words.

“But, you would like to have another baby in the future?” The doctor slowly asked.

“Oh yes…someday” ,she added.

The wise old doctor was silent for some time, as the young woman waited eagerly for his reply.

Finally, breaking the silence, the doctor took her hands in his, looked her in the eyes and said, “ I understand your weariness. I know you are at the end of your rope. I can see how you would not want to add to your workload. And so, with your support we can do one thing…. Since, abortion can create complications to the mother, there have been links to breast cancer and some women have had trouble getting pregnant with subsequent children; we should probably go through with this pregnancy, and instead, kill the older baby.”

The young woman’s face became anemic white and she started quivering with anger!

She sprang out from where she was sitting and started shouting at the doctor, “ ARE YOU MAD?! How in the world could you talk about killing my baby?!”

Doctor gave a wry smile and said softly, “Please understand dear, that is exactly what you came in here and asked me to do. I merely suggested that you kill a different one.”

Yesterday, I bought a book about Susan Cummings. In 1998, Ms. Cummings, who happens to be one of the richest women in the world, killed her poor immigrant, polo playing boyfriend. Angry that he had started dating someone else, she shot him at the breakfast table.

Susan Cummings was convicted of manslaughter by a Jury of her peers…other extremely rich folks in Virginia horse country. The judge sentenced her to 60 days in the county jail, for the murder of this young man.

She only served 30 days.

It is a fact.

Let me tell you about another fella who was recently sentenced to 30 days in jail. The irony is, he was just trying to SAVE lives!

Pastor Walter Hoye has never hurt anyone. He has never threatened anyone. Never pushed anyone, never yelled at anyone. He doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Not their bodies, nor their hearts. That is why everyday, he sits out in front of an abortion clinic and prays. He prays for the women that go in there, and prays for the babies that are dismembered and killed. He prays for a country that would protect and defend such a horrific practice. He holds a large sign that reads, “JESUS LOVES YOU AND YOUR BABY, LET US HELP YOU. Although others have pushed him, shouted at him, and covered up his simple sign, Pastor Hoye kept showing up! He meant what he said, and believes in saving lives. He feels a special calling from the Lord, to stop the high number of babies in the black community, who are slaughtered through abortion.

Although at the trial, staff at the abortion clinic lied about him, saying he intimidated them, and they had to protect themselves from his aggressive behavior, he sat calmly. And even when a tape was produced proving that the good Pastor did nothing against the worker, and it was in fact she who aggressively shoved a tape measure in HIS face, the Pastor was sent to jail.

Justice in America? A murderer and a quiet protester get the same treatment?

No matter what side of the abortion issue you fall on, do you think it is right for a person who is peacefully protesting to be thrown in jail? Do you think it is right that a person who is offering to help someone in trouble, should legally be silenced? Maybe next time it could be you, protesting something you do not like, and your opposition will try to shut you up, by throwing you in jail.

Freedom isn’t free. When one of us is oppressed it is an affront to us all. Prolife Speech is attacked and jailed today. Next time, it could be you.

Aren’t you tired of the government censoring your right to hear other points of view? They are so afraid of you hearing it, that they are throwing people in jail to stop it! Doesn’t it infuriate you to know that the government keeps information from you? Don’t you wonder why?

That is what this is really about. Corrupt lawmakers who are trying to keep you ignorant of the true facts about abortion. Because abortion makes millions and millions of dollars. They do not care about the fact that it is actually damaging to women–and killing children. It is all about the money. And sadly the fact is, that once again, as in the time of slavery, an American industry is based on, and making tons of money from, the blood of blacks in our nation. Politicians are being supported by that money; and their careers depend on the continuation of this murder of blacks in America.

Working together we ended the horror of slavery. Working together, we can do the same for the horror of abortion.

It is going to take many more of us to be as brave as Rev. Walter Hoye.

IF you enjoy dumb sophomoric humor, you will love “Hamish and Andy” ! They are radio disc jockeys from Perth, Australia. They do comedy bits on the television talk show, “Rove”, in Australia. They are much funnier than Rove, imo. Most of their stuff is clean, but occasionally, they get a little naughty…Not bad, but adult.

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